Flap the Bird


Do you remember Flappy Bird, the hype starting in May 2013? Since then, many clones and parodies have been released. And today, a new clone has arrived: Flap the Bird. I was confident enough to use all the knowledge I gathered from the GameDev.tv courses so far (mainly Unity 2D and GIMP) – even though I haven’t finished any of them yet – to challenge myself to do a side project, and here it is: http://www.sharemygame.com/share/857acb4a-df70-42f7-88bb-2ae1d9d8842f

The game has a resolution optimized for mobile and it should work just fine playing it in your mobile browser. The only downside is that the background music won’t play in most mobile browsers; at least not in the ones I’ve tested.

I did my best to squash as many bugs as possible, but let me know if you still find any :wink: