Fixing issues with our first person controller

We get a lot for free when using Unity’s default first person controller, but there are a couple of tweaks that I thought were useful to make. Did this do the trick for you? Are you still getting any jittering or getting stuck?

I still get jittering when I rotate and move the mouse at the same time.
Anyone knows how to fix this issue?

There’s something fishy about this physics material friction interaction in Unity 2020.2 - for reasons I have not yet determined, the “slippery” effect as per the settings in the video does not take effect until you modify the Physics Material settings during Play - even if you don’t actually change the values. Before this, you get stuck on walls, after you slide on them, yet no values have actually changed. Could be a Unity bug?

Hey Rick. I tried the physics material as you setup but i still get slowed down if i walk near a wall.

Hey Rick, thanks for all the work you put into this course! Unfortunately, I’m having a problem with getting stuck on the walls - I believe it is because of a conflict between the collider that is on capsule object, and the hidden rigidbody behaviour on the character controller component of the capsule parent. Of course, the physics material with no friction is set up exactly as you demonstrated.

I have tried having the collider component attached to different objects in the parent structure, and adjusted a bunch of setting to try to see some effect, however I cannot get the physics material to have any effect at all. Given my suspicion that it is a conflict with the new FPS starter assets (likely the “character controller” or the First Person Controller script), I imagine many people would benefit from a more experienced take on this issue.

I appreciate there may be a rework of this section of the course in the pipeline for the future, but it would be unfortunate for this game prototype to continue with the wall sticking gameplay unaddressed.


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