*FIXED* Issue with sync, Network Authority, unity-multiplayer-netcode

I have followed along but when i host from the build and have client via the editor, i do not get sync.
i have followed along with the clientnetworktransform script.
Using Unity version 2021.3.12f1. will install version 2022.2.(most recent*).
Upgrading to unity 2022.3.4f1 fixed the issue. however unsure why it didnt work for unity 2021.

clientnetworktransform script

I have the Network Manager GameObject in scene with two scripts attached (NetworkManager & Unity Transport).

Showing the player prefab and its scripts linked plus configured.

It could be that there was an issue with the Netcode for GameObjects in this version of unity as we have also noted that in some versions of unity its limiting the version that is available to download.
In the course we used a version of 2022 and it only gave use 1.2 Netcode for Games but if you use the LTS version its 1.5.1 of Netcode for Games and there is also a difference in adding Networked prefabs (Which we are patching to the course.)

Glad you found a solution :slight_smile:

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