[FIXED in video 134] (Inconsequential) bug introduced in condensed SuggestProjectileVelocity call

In the video, @ben removes some parameters from SuggestProjectileVelocity. This still compiles, but it’s only by luck. The enum DoNotTrace is effectively equal to 0, so it slots right into the bool bHighArc parameter as false. Hopefully this has been corrected in a future video.

Edit: Nevermind, I checked the git changes and it eventually gets fixed in lecture 134. Fantastic!


Thanks for bringing it up. Enjoy the rest of the course

Thanks @Landon, first I was thinking about Unreal magic with macro in c++ that they will “know” somehow which parameters we pass, but then I relaized, that it can’t be without kind of std::bind even with macro. So Im glad that it “squeze” not only me :slight_smile:
It might works with c++ overriding function parameters if we will have more definitions of the SuggestProjectileVelocity in engine.
Btw @ben great tutorial +1


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