[Fixed] Challenge - Cant make the second edge loop work properly

Hello, I’ve got to the point I have the pyramid and a single edge loop cutting through its middle. The problem starts as I create the other loop and ram it against the middle one.

When its aligned on top of the middle one and I press “G” to move it and then “X” (to lock it on my X axis) it loses its straight shape and assumes a fixed strange one, like on this image

(notice even if I slide it both sides of the middle loop, it will keep its loop shape)

If I try to mouse click and apply the new loop on top of the middle one, before moving it, then it partially works. When I drag it to the side, after placing it, it remembers the straight shape as the middle one… but for some reason Blender moves both loops at the same time, pretty much when I drop one on top of the other it selects both loops. Now I’ve tried to deselect everything and select only one of these loops, Blender refuses to move only one of them. But if I try to delete it deletes only one of them, not both… notice that my vertex count ibcreased from 96 to 128, showing I have two loops selected on top of another.

You’ve got proportional editing turned on. If you review lecture 29 of section 2 from the 6 minute mark it tells you to make sure proportional editing is turned off. Turn it off with the letter o on the keyboard.

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You are right, thank you!

I just saw your explanation on another post and was about to delete my redundant post, but I will leave it if others got the same problem, its got pretty screenshots to illustrate! lol

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