First try w/ obstacles & enemies - Needs work! Feedback wanted!



Here’s a first test at placing some obstacles & enemies in the level… I feel like there is still A LOT to do to make this feel right, but I’ll revisit tuning once we get collision set.

Would love any & all feedback - thanks!


Looks great! Very creative and looks like a lot of fun


Thanks for checking it out!! (Now teach me some of those programming skills :stuck_out_tongue: )


Sure thing! You can check my most recent you tube vid at
It’s over a month ago though, so it’s come quite a long way since then. I’m hoping to post the very much improved version within a week or so


Wowza, what an epic undertaking! Good for you!

How long did this project take you? What has been your biggest challenge?

PS - If you need another set of eyes for playtest/feedback, I’m happy to help!


the game looks good and all, the soundtrack is just :ok_hand:
you should add a kage bunshin power up


Bwuahaha, this made my day! :laughing:

Naruto music is placeholder… mostly because I like feeling like a ninja wizard programmer while I’m learning!

Kage Bunshin Activated :stuck_out_tongue:


that’d actually make a fun power up! SASSSSKEEEEEEEEEE


Thank you! Same goes for you on your game (test/feedback). The project in it’s current state is much much better than that old vid. Got a few more things to wrap up before uploading it, and it’s going to be more of a promo vid rather than a straight playthrough (considering pushing it towards a kickstarter state). I will get you a link if I find you around, once it’s up. For me, the biggest challenge is level design, art assets etc… My creativity shows itself through logic, math, algorithms… basically perfect for writing code.


Hehe this was refreshing, looking super interesting so far :smiley:


Well done so far!

I really like to smoothness of it!

Keep going