First try at a head model

I have been avoiding it for some reason, but I finally jumped into the next lesson and made this in a night. I still have a lot to do, so much hair and textures need to be added plus sculpting. This is just a first try, and it’s my husband so I can always ask him for more reference pics (or set his head on fire if he makes me mad :laughing:). Any advice or critique is always welcome.

Edit: Added the reference. Hard to tell how close I got to the original without the actual original. And the chin is pretty much a complete guess. I could put a horn there and it won’t matter when I add hair.



It’s a difficult task, modeling. Because you compare it with the original. But I must say, you did a good job.
Proportions seems to be ok in my opinion. Nothing wrong with it!
And still low poly also. :+1:

Thank you! I’m hoping to not go overboard with the poly count once I get to texturing and getting it closer to finished. I’ll have to learn how to bake to make this better while keeping the poly count low.

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