First time I was unable to do challenge because I was confused by the video


I couldn’t work out from the video how to get the parallel loop cuts to make the stairs. Points of confusion wre

  1. What is proportional editing? All that was said was “if you have it turned on then X”, but there was no explanation about what it actually is
  2. How does it contribute towards the completion of the challenge?

Also, when i performed the second loop cut on top of the first, I only had one edge, not two.

First time this has happened though, so it’s been pretty clear so far.


If I remember correctly, the proportional editing thing was sort of a red herring. You don’t need it to create the stairs. For now you want to avoid accidentally turning it on. I didn’t have any problem doing the loop cuts the way it was done in the video.

Here is a nice explanation of what proportional editing does. Looks pretty powerful.

Hi … thanks for your response. I got confused by the video and ended up turning it on the proportional thingy, but back on track now that it’s off again.


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