First time broadcasting Chicken Rocket!

It should be working ow guys :slight_smile:

Really enjoying this course! Feeling of learning and achievement is absolutely amazing! Better than school lol

Hope you guys can give me some feedback on my first capture of The Chicken Rocket!


I tried to take a look, but I think there may be a problem with the .avi file. Unzipped it and was unable to get it to play. Any chance you could re-upload? Maybe use a different format? Either way, would love to have a look


When I downloaded the file I was unable to play it using Windows 10’s Movies & TV player or with Windows Media Player but I was able to play using a program called VLC media player. Here is their website:

I hope this helps.


Hey Guys, so sorry about the trouble. I used VLC for the compressing of my video capture. I probably should’ve mentioned it.

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Its now fixed! Sorry for trouble

This is looking very nice. I like the colourful scene and it’s great to see your chicken wearing that helmet! :slight_smile:

You know, you could cook that chicken when he/she goes through the flames, that would be quite funny! :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback! Of course its very early statge and I am trying not to spend a lot on the design itself, funny how the game is not even close to be finish and I already start with the color, characters and all…strange how my mind WANTs to see shiny things very quickly. Kind of giving me the sense of progression more real.

And yes lol I hvnt thought about that one yet thanks!! Cooked Chicken lol

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I think what you’re doing is spot on, it doesn’t have the be the exact look and feel of how the game is when it’s done, but it gives you something to work with whilst you develop the game. It will also most likely trigger other thoughts/ideas. Had you not had the flames for example I’d not have thought of the cooked chicken!

Later, when you have the mechanics how you want them to be you could then come back through and start refining other things, perhaps you’ve seen another fire that you’d like to try, or you want to resize them slightly or whatever.

Keep going! :slight_smile:

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That’s fantastic! Reminds me of one of those little wind-up chickens that hops around. I think it would be hilarious if the propulsion sound were that little chatter that they make on a table top (tick-tick-tick-tick) :grin:

Great work.


You now have me thinking of wind-up teeth! :smiley:

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wind-up teeth!! That’s too funny, the wind-up teeth could be a game on its own. I think @Rob just got inspired :grin:

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hehe, oh I have plenty of inspiration, what I lack are enough hours in the day :wink:


That’s a game - right there! :smiley:

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Good work. I like how there’s a pulse on the landing pad so you know where to land.

Only critique is that the last obstacle is confusing because it’s in the background, so it looks like you hit it and you should die but you don’t because it’s behind the rocket. Also, on level 2, you should PROBABLY die when you fall into the fire…just sayin’ :slight_smile:

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