First steps of unity development

I was learning java before unity and had some game maker studio experience but it didn’t take long. I was actually thinking of continuing with java. but my computer back then was hard to run even pixel games also, the hard disk was broken. this experince caused me to say goodbye to java and game maker. I could actually continue, but unity and C# caught my attention. at first i was trying to make small platformer style games with low caliber all had tons of errors and half of them weren’t working anyway. Although my motivation was extremely low, I never thought of quitting and kept going, finally i made my first top down shooter after about 5 month it was working but full of errors, i had to delete the project as i couldn’t avoid any more mistakes. The idea came to my mind to make another top down shooter in a shorter way, and I took action immediately, The result was exactly what I expected, I had a flawless and very cute project. Although I am more interested in 3D right now, I believe it is very important to start from somewhere without fear. never listen to people’s bad words about you and take firm steps on your way no matter what, it always takes time to get better at something keep being patient and learning without losing your motivation! :space_invader:

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