First spawned wave takes wrong path?

When I ran the game at the 10 minute mark, the enemy followed the path of my Wave 2, not Wave 1. I looked at the Enemy prefab, and it was pointing to Wave 2.

I was confused that the code we had just written should have pointed to Wave 1 and used those waypoints. Is this not correct?

Hi Robert,

The first wave, whether it is Wave 1 or Wave 2, is defined somewhere. Is Wave 1 that first wave? Or is it Wave 2?

One thing to watch out for here (may or may not be related to your issue) is your “laser shredder” object.

I had an issue where I had my first waypoint for a wave positioned in such a way that each enemy would immediately hit that shredder and be destroyed (as Rick did not show how to differentiate between object types when using the shredder).

Watching your Scene view while the game is playing may help you figure out where your Wave 1 is going.

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