First share of Project Boost

Hi! While I’m learning a lot from this course, this is my first share of the project boost.

I’m actually on Lecture 57 so I’ve still a lot to learn, but I’m really exited

So far, this is what I made. I’ve added a small animation in lvl 2. Reminded me of old 80’s platform games.


Looks like you have put in quite a bit of work.

Ok, I’ve improved my first level … not a big deal, but compared to my first video, it’s a bit better LOL
Also improved the look of the ship, used cilinders instead of rectangles, and a couple of spheres for the windows.

So one thing that I was thinking …

I’m not much of a “math” guy, so I had a hard time trying to understand sin calculations, tau, etc … Even now I think it would take me some time if I would have to check at that code again.

So if you see my first video, at the 2nd level, I used the Animator to make an animation similar to the one Ben made in the first level. Of course it’s really a great deal that Ben taught us how to do it by coding … but is there a really advantage on doing it that way (more control for example) or using the Animator is just fine? (for people like me that are not so strong at maths).


Hi Velcronator, thanks for posting. I’m learning a lot with this. Really exited about that :smiley:

You could use the animator to animate it. If you’re just a beginner and the animator does the job you want it to do, then stick with the animator because you can get more things done faster that way.

Learning math is good, but it would take additional time for you to go and learn it, then come back into the course and apply it.

That being said, there are resources online where the math is already done for you, and you can copy and paste the scripts onto objects and it would make them rotate, move and spin etc.

Bottom line, what ever is easier for you for now :wink:

Awesome I love it!

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