First screenshots

Here is my first screenshot from my space shooter game. Some hand drawn assets and a traditional gameplay. I’ll have to see if i’ll continue work on this or if it just will be a trial game :slight_smile:


So Awesome to see you progress, man!! I absolutely love your style, please keep us posted and cant wait to see what you do with it…

I am n artist as well… I create all of my own assets including sounds and music…if you need some sound for your project… which I’m sure is going to come out amazing, just let me know

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Hi Erik,

You’ve made an amazing game. Thanks for sharing it.

Things I liked:

  1. The art was really good. Loved the enemy designs and the background.
  2. I liked the glow and shadow effects you put on your sprites. Can I ask you how you did that? Did you child those effects to the respective prefabs?
  3. The ally power-up is a very good and interesting idea (my favorite part from the game).

Some suggestions:

  1. When the allies spawn from the power-up, maybe they can start shooting automatically rather than the player having to release the space bar (if already pressed) and then press it again.
  2. The allies can have their own path and traverse along it (the width of the play space) and maybe eventually fly away or have a health attribute of their own.

To sum up, as I said, the game was amazing; managed to score around 70k once.


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