First scene share

Thank you, Grant.


Nice, I love how big you went with it.

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Thank you. It started with a little pond in the center of the crescent shape. It isn’t visible; but it looked like what happens when the tide goes out. After that, I lost control and I started overthinking it. I finally stopped at wharves, so I changed the lore of the island instead to being a settlement of Dagon worshippers plotting against the lighthouse operator, who shines light directly into their houses all night long. Also, Voltron’s Castle of Lions just landed there.


Nice larger island with grass and beach areas. Perhaps the lighthouse should be on a higher point so it is seen out at sea? Your houses lean over with the ground angle!

The houses took forever. Thank you for noticing.

I thought about the lighthouse position, but I wanted to keep it in the front for the render. So I manufactured a story where the lighthouse keeps the cursed denizens inside while causing shipwrecks to prevent the mainlanders from safely reaching the island.


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