First Rendering In Blender

I figured it was about time I used the 10+ years of AutoCad for something I liked… So blender here I go.


Another CAD user :smiley: Welcome to the party, pal!

You could increase the size of the plane, so the edges wouldn’t be visible. As is, the shadow ends at the end of the world.
Other than this- Looks great. +1


Hey thanks. Yeah, I was more worried about the objects than the background. Trying to speed through some of these lessons to get used to the shortcuts mainly. I am working on my RPG and just needing a lot of art so it is not an clone of everyone else’s game… I love the art there but so does everyone else. I used Civil3D more than I want to admit and so far the conversion is not too bad… I will say though, opening up the program without a tutorial intimidated the crap out of me… Thankfully Humble Bundle read my mind and came up with this awesome blender series =D


Yeah. I have been using Rhino CAD + Grasshopper forever. I tried learning Blender a few years ago, using YouTube videos. Total failure. I gave it another try with this course. I’m incredibly happy so far.

I dabble around with game videos and want to get into Machinima. Stuff like this. The whole animation started out from a single teaser screen shot the game company posted.

Or this one - an anime style trailer for an in-game event we organized. Nearly four hundred players showed up.

Good luck with your game. Which engine are you using?


I was doing GoDot and then my game’s scope creep got too serious for me to try to solo dev and want to have something tangible in a reasonable time. I am using RPG developer Bakin now, C# scripts make this one so much more than just out-of-box.
Ateia Realms DevLog - YouTube
That’s what I have been working on so far. I am using blender now in addition to some AI models I wrote/trained on local PC… (plus a little help for lore consistency from ChatGPT4) to create the custom sprites and models. I am going to be making the character models 3D and replace all of the placeholder ones I have now. Main character is not meant to have red hair rofl.


I joined the gamedev discord if you want to continue this, i think we really got off topic and im not sure how the moderators here like that or not. Deadpool4229 . I’m always on there if you wanted to continue the chat. otherwise I thank you for your kind words and conversation!


I’ll connect on discord. You can find me on there with the same handle.


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