First Render - few small works

I work at a factory that makes exit devices, so i’m taking this course to learn how to make an animated instalation video. This is my first take on this. I kinda cheated and worked around with object editing to make it look the right shape…

This it the well for the first part, nothing too fancy

And this is a kid’s playground that I intend to build for my son (I’ll update this once it’s done!)

Hope you guys like it!


forgot to render the well…

here it is…


Welcome to this site.

That is an interesting reason and ambition for taking this course.

Models are fine for this stage.

However, look at your well and think about what it would be like in real life. Getting scales sizes and proportions right will be important to your ambition.

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thanks for the feedback!

The well was actually worse than that: I got the sizes wrong on the first time and each brick was basically 1m long. When I reduced them, the roof was already built, so I got a little lazy and let them be this way, since it was my first try anyway.

Looking forward to the rest of the course so i can improve. We’ll keep an eye out for scales and lifesize measurements

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Yes, good examples of the first Blender lessons. As NP5 mentioned, work from reference materials. Blender is certainly capable of delivering high resolution and precise objects. But see the first chapters as a guide of the capabilities of blender. Then focus on exact realistic modeling.

Have fun, show us your progress. You can do it!

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