First quick renders of Winterfell

I made some simple walls from 6x4x1 blocks, with each unit being 1 meter. Later I found actual measurements of the Doune Castle Great Hall and I was close in my guess, only .4 meters off for the whole room. I mapped it out on paper exactly and transferred it to Blender so I can get it as close to actual sizes as possible. The windows still need work, but at least they’re in the right spots.

First look on the outside. It’s not special, just meant to make the proper shape. The room is attached to a whole castle so I doubt I’ll do much detail on the outside.

The insides with some test textures.

Overhead with some furniture.

Inside with some furniture for scale. I’m using the references from a later season when Winterfell was taken back by Jon Snow and he had a few war councils in the room. That’s why it’s so crowded with huge tables.

Test with one candle to see how it would look and to get light strength right.


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