First Person Mode -- !Awesome!

Hi y’all just wanted to say I really like blenders first person view. With what I’ve learned so far and a quick google search as to how to add color to my objects and set transparence this is what I’ve created so far in section one!

What I want to figure out how to do:

  • How to create objects somewhat auto sized and place inside objects I’m modelling in:
    I want an easier way to do this other than manually setting the object size and location via the different
    transform tools
  • How to set up multiple cameras and choose which one to render:
    I’d like to place different cameras at desired render views and be able to choose which view I render
  • How to move up in first person view mode without looking up so I can stay focused on locations
  • How to create easily create a camera matching my current first person view
  • How to set an objects as ‘build space’
    Create objects auto sized and placed to the surface of an object I modelling on

Someone help me figure this!
Thanks much!

This is one way of getting an object to the surface of another object!
Snap Object to Face

Still trying to figure out how to choose which cameras render and how to move up relative to view in first person mode. I may have over complicated what I was looking to do.

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