First (partial) Game Upload - be gentle xD

Just uploaded my new game, be awesome to get some feedback:

I didn’t get too deep into the development as I’m far too excited and had to move onto more complex topics. I’d love to see what you think about the initial story impression though!!!


  • C :robot:
  1. font is small. its painful to read it
  2. perhaps white text on black screen is the best for reading intensive game
  3. maybe chill with text and if thats how u want ur game to be like, then maybe add images instead, and few words from “speech-clouds” that could be going out of characters heads/mouths on the image.
    4.animations would be cool too.

other than that good i guess! seems you are fan of text games. i am sure there are ways to make text games funny but without overloading them with text

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