First object: The Jewelry Box!

Here is my first object. I was supposed to do it in a simple way, but I just couldn’t be doing all those little details. It took quite long to finish, but Im happy with the results. The next two will definitely be much simple ones.

Here I present you. My Jewellery Box.


it looks amazing and so detailed.

Here is the second object.

I was supposed to make it simple and fast. As it took so long with the first object. But then I got some trouble making the top part and it took much longer than expected.

The hand soap bottle.

And my last object… Kitchen paper.

I started to do another one, but it started to get complicated and didn’t want to spend so much time… again. So I changed to something more simple… :blush:

how long would you say you spent on each of these? there amazing

Hi, thanks for the comment.

I didn’t check the time. But for the first I worked on it for almost 5 days during my free time. I subdivided the tasks. one day I did the box, 2nd day the edge decorations, 3rd day the front lock… back side… handle… and then just put it all together. It took quite a long time since I only used the techniques that I learned from the course so far.

The soap container was simpler. I made the base by adding ready geometry in the right place and putting vertices together by removing doubles. The top part took some hours as I failed to join the geometry properly, so I had to re-do it a few times.

And after doing the first two the last one was made in maybe half an hour.

I spent a lot of time doing these, but I don’t think it was worthless. I got to understand how to modify and build meshes on a vertices level, but I must admit that I will put on hold any big projects until I learn more techniques. So that its not so time consuming.

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