First Moment Tweaking

I have finished this course recently and have been working on my first scene before continuing with the next courses. I’ve put about 12 - 15 hours into this scene and don’t think it looks too well in terms of lighting and terrain bordering. I feel as if my lighting doesn’t look natural and my scene might be a little too bare. Should I be baking my lighting? All suggestions are greatly appreciated as to what I can change to make my level feel and look better.

Also, my PC has a 1070 and i7 7700 and was wondering if I should be getting more frames / what changes I can make to increase performance.

Definitely bake your lighting. We have you turn the automatic baking off early on because every time you make a change to your scene with automatic baking on, the editor slows to an abysmal crawl. Once your scene is set, you should always bake the lighting for best results.

In terms of improving frame rate, the biggest killer to frame rate is the size of the models. On older system, low poly models are the best choice.