First level design, removed the ground and wrapped in an actual restriction

not sure if the image has saved, will fix if necessary. Just noticed that the example was passable by flying over everything, whereas this isnt escapable. All red panels are untagged thus death.

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oh and the ship in the picture is sitting on the finish spot, i hadnt reset the game yet.

2nd level attempt.

The light brown shape on the right rotates slowly counter clockwise. originally was a + shape, but it meant it was impossible to travel down the right hand side as it cuts into that wall.

also, with my mad piloting skills, I’ve managed to drag my ship all the way through the course dying several hundred times along the way but technically it fits the whole way so playable.

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OMG!!! Second level I would not win at all Lol… But yes… Nice idea of having the turntables

Very nice of putting the limit… Mine flies off the screen area… Something like this will be helpful

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