First go at the pyramid, gonna come back later once I know how to do more

Lotsa folks going the extra mile here, I’m going to wait until I know more about cuts and such as this feels like something that’ll be waaay easier to do with more tools in my belt.

Up to Lecture 33, it’s coming along. Took out the door as I made a mess of it the first go, I’ll do it right later once I have a solid understanding of non-awful ways of doing such things.

L34, got the stairs up and running. Mother of god, this was a mess. I went through a couple of different methods to get to this result, I’m not pleased with how it all went down but I certainly learned a lot. My ramps aren’t even, measurements are all over the place so standardized anything kinda sucks. This is a good lesson in forward thinking.

Man I gotta figure out how lighting works with renders, these are a mess. Either way, this is loosely the final pyramid for now. Probably gonna come back to it later once I know more. Though starting over would really be a better idea as maaaan some of the edges on this thing are a mess and it’s a total hack-job, lemme tell ya. Either way, good info, good course, meh pyramid.


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