First game Decend now on Google Play

After completing Ben’s course and another one from Awesome tuts, I just published my first game on Google Play. I would love any feedback you can provide.



Congratulations, looks good and great to hear you’ve gone from course to Google Play. :slight_smile:

Isn’t there an “s” in “descend” though? :slight_smile:

Thanks Rob and yes there is. I just gave it a slight name variation to be unique.

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Just had a few games.

Nice game which made me want to try again and again to do better.

Took me a few games to work out the comtrols, initially assumed swipe rather then press/hold.

After first game where I lost all my lives (more quickly than I would like to admit) I received an advert which lasted longer than I had played. It set an expectation that this might happen everytime I die, thankfully this wasnt the case :slight_smile:

I tried turning up my volume but then discovered there wasnt any sound in the game. Then on game 4 diacovered there was but only when I collect the gem stones. Nice sound effect but feels like it needs some audio before this, maybe just when the player is falling and when the player dies?

Took a couple of games to work out the skeleton bones would kill me.

Took another life to experiment with what happens if I go off the top of the screen.

On install I was asked for access to media, ohotoa etc?

On install I received a popup warning about acreen overlays? (used in the ads)

Was surprised to see a quit option

Enjoyed the increasing speed
Enjoyed the graphics
Enjoyed the gem stone collection sounds

Very nice. Will play some more :slight_smile:

This one seemed a bit cheeky mind!

Updated Mon Jan 09 2017 01:20

Just discovered a little sound button which had muted the game music. Not sure if it was off by default or a thumb press hit it - much better with sound at the beginning of the game.

Have noticed the advert frequency getting quicker, got two flicking through the options and high scores menu item which felt a bit much.

One advert was on a different orientation to the game which was a bit weird.

Have found extra lives! Nice.

14 gem stones collected. Just over 6k score.

Noticed when I die and use another life I dont get to continue from where I was. Thus its slower again and means many “trainer” platforms before gem stone collections resume, might be nice to continue from where the player was?

Also spotted the odd gem stone disappearing about half way up the screen even if I hadnt collected it, wondered if this was from screen tapping. Later I had two gem stones disappear before I could get them. Do they only stay on the screen for ao long even if their platform hasnt gone off the top?

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Thanks for the feedback, I’m going to look over each point you made and look to improve the game. Regarding the last item about the permissions, that’s actually a requirement for one of the Ad Networks that I’m using. Also the Ads should only appear on the High Score and Options screens. Even then you should not get an ad each time you view either screen.

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You’re more than welcome, all meant in a constructive way, am enjoying your game :slight_smile:

Having played your game a lot more… hehe… I think I have worked out why/when the gem stones disappear randomly. It applies to the hearts too.

When one of the platforms goes off the screen if there is another platform in the same vertical position as it any gem stones on the ones still on the screen disappear too.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Yeah another part of the challenge is to also collect the gems/hearts before they disappear, which is after 6 seconds. I’ve thought about including that in the description, but don’t know if I should talk about every aspect. I was kinda going after the way old school games operated, where you had to back in the day read about cheat codes in magazines and such to discover hidden items or secret things you could do.

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Just playing this for a while on the train down to work.

Nice work and congratulations :slight_smile:

The one thing that springs to mind as a thought for the next one is possibly the addition of a brief control scheme explanation. Good thing about mobile is that for this style its relatively intuitive, but down the line its something to consider.

Apart from that little thought, I enjoyed trying to get further , well done again on getting past a big milestone on releasing a game :slight_smile:

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Gotha… ok… is the 6 second count being effected by the scrolling speed incrementing in anyway?

I have experienced some of the gen stones disappearing at the bottom of the screen, thus they have only just appeared, not 6 seconds on screen.

Also, I have seen them disappear in pairs of the same colour. Just thought you should know.

Rather than telling people its going to happen you could always tweak how they disappear… maybe make them flash briefly before they disappear or make them wobble. Because they just vanish without explanation it looks like a bug :slight_smile:

I getting better though :slight_smile:

Oh, and in your options, volume controls for both sound effects and music would be great. As with the music on its hard to hear the sound effects but without it on its just a bit too quiet. If I could personalise these settings that would be very nice :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ve published a new version of the game based on your feedback. Please try it and let me know what you think.

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