First Contact: Earth - Updated Demo

HI all,

I have updated the demo for my game First Contact: Earth.
The tutorial has now been made a little simpler to follow, as well as some small bug fixes.

The tutorial can be skipped at any time by pressing alt+j
Anyway, the new link is below. Enjoy!

Hi there!
I just downloaded your demo and played the tutorial. Turned out you can just shoot the instructor’s ship until it is destroyed and the instructor keeps talking like nothing happened :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s possible to make the instructor’s ship immune to damage or something like that? Or maybe end the tutorial if the instructor’s ship is destroyed.

I do like the mission screen in the beginning and the music. Got me excited for the Railshooter-section of the course :smiley:

Haha thanks for playing, I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile:

And thanks for your comments.

Yes you can destroy the instructor on purpose, I am working on a way to prevent/punish you from doing that, just for fun really :slight_smile: but it wasn’t ready in time. Rest assured, the instructor will have protection in the next version of the demo if you decide to go ape and attack him, haha.

I’m glad you liked the music too, it takes a while trying to find music that fits, especially since I can’t make any myself.

I never made this off the back of the rail shooter section, I started making this when I finished the original course, which is now the 2D course :slight_smile: I’ve not long started on the new 3D course, so it will be a while before I get up there.

Thanks again for playing it, if you have any other comments or feedback, based on gameplay or controls etc, please let me know.
When I update the demo I’ll re-post it.

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