First character model

I decided to make this guy more of an oafish villager than an orc. He’s super lumpy and looks like a four year old’s playdough man, but I don’t think its too bad for a first try.

There’s one weird detail on the pants, why is this one face yellow? the normal is not inverted, not sure why it looks like this:
It’s only visible in sculpt mode, but I haven’t seen this happen elsewhere on the model.


Looks fine, villager oaf!

No idea on the yellow dot what does it look like in edit mode wireframe?

To me, it’s like a construction worker. Baseball hat …

Is there an other object, other mesh, maybe duplicates?

There weren’t any duplicates, and it wasn’t yellow in edit mode. In wireframe mode it looked normal as well.

I just checked the area again, and the yellow face is gone. Still not sure what caused it or how I fixed it, but at some point while working on the retopo the issue was resolved. Maybe because I remeshed to a lower face count?

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