First Bunny Sculpting


This is fantastic! How did you get those previews on the right side of the 3D editor pane thingy? The things that say left ortho and front ortho? Are those just two more instances of the editor, in those views? Holy **** I think I just answered my own question. I really wish they would have given this idea to us early on in the course, regardless of how it’s done. That would have been useful a time or two. Especially when I don’t have a number pad near me while Blendering remotely.

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Hi Ericwoods,

You can achieve this at least with two different ways, like you already pointed out by splitting the window and having default 3d view in ortographic mode and set a background image for that view OR choosing the UV image editor and load your background reference image on that view. Both works fine, I have used both ways. Default 3d view and background image allows you to control opacity but if you use those views only for reference image then you probably don’t need it.

Cheers, Jax


Hi erikwoods, you can get preview windows with the method that Jax had explained by split the 3D View Window then you can adjust image location on its properties pane. Thanks Jax for your help on reply. :slight_smile:


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