First attempt at a street scene

Hello, GameDev Team and students,

I am happy to share with you my attempt at a street scene after two hours of trying.
I would be happy to hear your oppinions on it.

Wish you a lovely rest of the day or begining!


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The Street Lamps are looking pretty good. You might want to add another cube as the street “itself”

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Hi Guitarman_0511,

Thank you for the feedback. Indeed I agree with you and will take it under acount to expand my street with additional objects.

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I personally used a plane for my ground, but a cube would work just as well. In theory if you wanted to improve you could prefab detailed road and curb sections and create that, but this is just an intro project so you shouldn’t sweat it that much.

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I spent quite e lot of time going through the other options as well but decided to take it one step at a time since I am still learning the basics. But deffintely will get more creative for the next one.

Welcome to the community! Keep up the good work!