First actual Game - now on Play Store

Hi guys. I previously released an “app” on the Play Store, where basically you popped balloons. I made it for my son as a way to keep him entertained without the Ads. It’s been about…hmmm…7 more months, and with lifes distractions my learning has been slow. I’m heading toward the end of the Space Shooter course, and I was about 2 weeks ago hit with that inspiration bug to go off and do my own project. So I’ve spent time in the evenings coming up with a simple “catch” type game, that I’d love you guys to check out and critique:

I think at the moment the game is a bit too easy, but I’ve got a couple of mechanics in there that I could manipulate to make it a bit for challenging. I’m not sure if this is covered by the Unity 2D course or not (or what section), but I’m thinking I need to learn how to use Player prefs now to create a “high score” tracker.

Anywhoo, let me know what you think!

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