Finished the GitHub Version Control Course

I really enjoyed this short course about Version Control.
I took it as I am currently doing the Complete Unity 3D course and wanted to use version control to help me when I was making silly mistakes and not having to restart or puzzle over how to get back to where I was.

The course is short (which appealed to me as did not want to be distracted from the main one for too long). And it does give you the confidence with using Github, SourceTree and GitHub for Unity.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who is not familiar with version control and is taking one of the game programming courses. From experience it will save you time!

And in a perfect timing the recently updated Unity Complete Developer 3D 2020 course has droppped! So have already “People Rarely Incinerated Red Porcupines” (your see what that means in the course) my Realm Rush Project !

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aye, i had that too when i started using VC with source tree and github.
once i had the basics ok, i felt more comfortable trying different things in Unity/Godot etc with the confidence knowing that i had a backup made and i could step back if needed.

thanks for sharing your thoughts Paul, nice one :+1: