Finished retopology

I finally finished retopology for my orc, which really was a lot of work.

I’m not sure if I made the right decisions on where to go with actual polygons and where to go just with normal maps as this section, in my opinion, was a bit brief.

I used the trail version of Quad Remesher for some parts and cleaned them up a bit manually. It doesn’t make perfect topology but I hope good enough for nonanimated areas.

The face was done by hand.

Face count is now 32000.


Looks, good … are going to pose it? Adding a armature?

I’m following the course and animation is on the menu… so I guess adding an armature will be part of it.
Haven’t thought about posing yet but I think the boss way he stands is pose enough for me :smile:
I definitely plan to make him move though…