Finished Pyramid

Here’s the final result of my Mayan Pyramid. I wanted to challenge myself a little further and made some nice looking torches to go along with it (Used this model as a reference ). I feel like they turned out pretty well and definitely took up the majority of my time working on this project. Let me know what you think!


Very nicely made lamps. And fine pyramid too.


Nice details! Good project.

But, try to plan ahead.

Do you need torch details like chains? If you planned to show the complete pyramid, where you can’t see the details. And if you are interested in details, then why do you need a pyramid. And details means also showing flames. There is no wrong in doing so, but you can lose a lot of time in unneeded assets.
This is also a factor in designing games. Where vertex count matters.

Have fun! Upto the next challenge.

Wow, I love the torches. They seem a bit out of character with the simplistic nature of the rest of the model, but seriously, GREAT work.


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