Finished my silly game

I finished the 3d course a while ago, so obviously decided to make a 2d game?! Finally finished it and would love peoples feedback.
Found it really hard to get the difficulty right and dont know if its too hard or easy.


that’s amazing! Fun to play and so cute!
I got to the bee part at normal difficulty using controller. How far was I away from the end?
I found it a bit weird to pause with the X button. Also, the pickups seem to be always appearing from the top right corner.

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it. Think you had a couple more waves then the final boss, so quite close. If you die, hitting rety would retry the wave you were on.

Already retried a few times. Couldn’t dodge all the bee bullets :laughing:

Fun game, well done :slight_smile:

I really liked the simple but beautiful looks of the game…I also liked the use of sound very much…Congrats…=)

This is among the best 2d space shooter variants I have seen here. The art and sound design are really nice. The particle effects and that slight bloom effect really make it pop.
Regarding gameplay difficulty I found the normal mode to be a bit too hard. Specially effective is that freezing up feature when the ship gets hit which makes you take multiple hits :smile: . Got till the bee shark level .

Welcome to the community!

Amazing job with this game, the art is pretty cool and the effects are great.

Some feedback.

  • The stun mechanic is broken, you can get perma-stunned, I lost more than half my health at some point in a single chain, I did see there’s a safety net because I didn’t get perma-stunned all the time, maybe it’s a little bugged.

  • The asteroids are kinda hard to see, my guess as to why that happens is the purple tones of the background and the constant particles.

  • I can’t see the bottom of the screen if I go full-screen.

  • What’s the point of destroying asteroids in the first two parts? If I destroy the bigger asteroids they’ll become 5 pieces that I’ll have to dodge, it’s a lot easier to just avoid them. Is that intended?

  • As a rule of thumb, never use the following keys as part of the controls if you won’t let the user change them: Control, Alt, any key on the keypad. If someone is playing on a Mac they’ll have a really hard time changing weapons. Here are two setups you could use that better accommodate any system:

    • WASD to move, space to boost, mouse buttons to fire/change weapons.
    • WASD to move, space to boost, HJKL (any of those), to fire/change weapons.
    • Why am I not using shift? Because that’s an FPS standard, for someone that doesn’t play that genre it can be quite uncomfortable.

Overall I think your game is truly amazing, it just needs some refinement here and there to be outstanding.

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This game looks like a lot of fun

A possible bug in the desktop version - Dont see the blue tornado thingy in this scene just the glowing lights appear.

Thanks for all the feedback. Added any issues to my trello board.
Think ill look at these bits first
Player hit/stun effect as doesnt sound like its working as indended at all.
Keyboard controls.
Blackhole not showing on windows built

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