Finished Level Design

The gray and yellow pads will be fueling stations (not implemented yet) As for in the future if your touch anything except the green pads your rocketship will blow up. As always any suggestions on how to improve the game is much appreciated!


I love the claustrophobic feel, and the way it kind of seems like the old coin-op Scramble in the final levels. It looks way too hard though!


I am going to decrease the Rocketship’s size and possibly increase the rotation speed of the rocket. I am hoping that this will make the flying aspect of the game an overall smoother experience. As of currently it is a bit jittery and hard to maneuver without bumping into an obstacle. Ill post future updates on the project.

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Nice level, I also get that snap/pop sound when letting up on Space bar and Stop() is called on the audio clip. Anyone know how to fix this? Couldn’t really find anything online other than fading out the audio instead of full stop, by calling a coroutine, but with a 1 second duration I end up hitting the ‘boost’ button again before the coroutine finishes, and I then have no boost audio.


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