Finished Lecture S03L63

So far learning a lot.

With the first section, I took terrible notes. Always have been bad at them. I ended up struggling quite a bit, but managed to finish.

This time I’m taking notes like crazy, doing the challenges, writing down my answer, and then writing down the correct answer. I even take notes on what changes, and why I was wrong the first time, and why the proper method works. This has helped me a ton.

One little error that seemed to clean itself up, and I wonder if anybody else can explain why this happened/what could’ve been done differently.

When I built the code in VS with the new code that should’ve shown object names, I went back into unreal, and the output still said “[…]chair!” when it should’ve said “[…]SM_Chair_2”.

I compiled in Unreal, closed VS, opened VS through the Position Report, compiled, built… and even though the new code saved, it still outputted the wrong data. (Waited for it to say built successfully each time)

I went back to watch the video all the way through, I hit compile again, and then this time I hit play and it worked… Any reason for that? Or is that a case of Unreal taking longer to accept the new code?

I am with you buddy! The coding is giving me a headache, I am going to be watching and reviewing a lot of c++ material because I do not understand some of the terms Ben’s been using, because prior I did not read the recommend stuff associated with them… On the side, I built a 1 room house using the starter content of Unreal Engine. I can definitely see why coding is very important!

You are probably correct the Unreal is taking longer to accept the code. Your computer might also effect the response time, most people who use Engines such as these probably have at the very least a decent to almost gaming computer. I am myself using a gaming rig built 2013, it takes a little bit of time. Once I saved VS, I hit compile in UE and it worked properly, before hand it did not give me correct name, when I did not hit compile in Unreal. I did positioning for my floor to, since all we have to do is add a positioning report.

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