"Finished" keyword?

I was doing the tail end of the Dialogue and Quests course and I recall seeing this. Upon Googling I learnt it was not a Unity keyword per se, so perhaps it might have been part of the tutorial?

AFAIK there is no way to search the course videos, so I am wondering where I might learn more about it. Or maybe I am misunderstanding it with something else?

There is no “Finished” keyword. Only thing I can find in the code are variables called finished. These are just variable names. Nothing special about them

Is there a way to easily search the codebase?maybe with grep tools?

In the IDE, Ctrl+F should work. It does in Visual Studio, and should in VSCode.

Also see here:

I meant like in the entire codebase, not just one or two files. Grep tools allow you to search the contents of multiple files yes?

Yes. Ctrl+F let’s you do that

What is “the entire codebase”? The documentation I linked teaches you how to search the entire solution. Please read it to learn how to refine your search.

By entire codebase I meant all the code that pertains to the project, in this case, the Dialogue and Quest course.

I did read the documentation, the closest to what I wanted was the Look In field in VS Code.

This is more or less what I was searching for, because it displays multiple results easily.

I’m grateful for the assistance and I do try to read and research on my own. I ask here because I don’t know everything (far from it) and I honestly want to learn.

No worries. That’s what I understood. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to know if the linked docs are lacking information because, from what I understood, you want to search the “Solution” in VS. That option is “hidden” in the search window, which you can open with Ctrl + F. However, the word “solution” does not make much sense if you don’t know that this is the name for “the entire codebase” in VS, and in that case, my links probably would not have helped.

If the program in the video does what you are/were looking for, use it. :slight_smile:

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