Finished "Blocking Out"-Lecture

Thanks for that awesome Blender course. I Also liked the Beginner Pack quite a lot, which I finished, before going for this one here. Well thought through courses indeed.

Although I tried to use a display tablet (screen mirrored my iPad and used the Apple Pencil) and I love the accuracy I prefer the mouse. Simply because of the navigation and short cuts. I find it hard to navigate with the iPad as well as changing the size and strength of the pencil itself. I also love (with the mouse) that you see position of the drawing pencil, as well as the circle of impact as you move the mouse. With the Apple Pencil I can’t hover over the screen to see the position of the mouse, so I only see the effects when I actually sculpt. How is it with other Display tablets, do you see the “mouse” already hovering over the display?

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So do I.
I did not know you can use an i-pad somehow connected to a pc?

I suspect the display tablets do show the hovering cursor, but I do not have one to say for sure.

Welcome to this site. Sculpt is looking good.
Take some time to look around and take part, support, and encourage other students.

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I use it with my MacBook. When they are next to each other and you have wifi activated (maybe bluetooth as well, I have it for the mouse and airdrop anyway) you can then go to the menu bar and select the little Icon next to “display”. There you can see now your iPad, click it and choose what type you want (mirroring or separate screen). You should also find it in the “displays” menu in the system settings on the left down corner. You can also find it in the menu bar under the icon directly (screenshot), but maybe only if you have connected them already at least once. I am sure it doesn’t work with PC though, maybe with an software or so, can’t say that. But for Mac it is quite easy.
Maybe you need to connect them with an cable first to “trust” the device, but then it should work just fine as explained.

If you want it to choose where the screen is (left or right, if you want as separate screen) just go to the “Displays” menu in the system settings and click and drop the screens to left or right. (you should also find the “display settings” under the icons where you can activate the screen mirroring


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