Finished Blender environment course

I finally finished the Blender Environment Artist course by Grant Abbitt.
The course was really good as a beginner/intermediate user of Blender. It took me a while to complete as I had a few issues with textures not working but this wasn’t down to the teaching but down to me wanting to learn how to paint a texture onto an object that had multiple textures.
One thing I didn’t expect to learn but it really did widen my perspective, was the importance of workflow and planning what you are doing if creating something from orignial concept. It was a hard lesson in some places with quite a bit of lost time, but a necessary one!

Anyway, I have created my version of the ‘island village’. My version is called ‘The Triscape Crossing’, an original location from my dungeons and dragons podcast. There are a load of details I want to add but if I don’t tell myself it’s done now, then I never will :joy_cat:

CC’s welcome!
p.s It seems I missed some of the grass when updating the material colour but right now I’m just happy I was able to render the animation without my laptop melting! haha




Awesome work! I seriously like your version better than what was end result of the course! :slight_smile:


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