Finished and rigged high poly lamp

Hi, been a while
Here’s my rigged lamp so far:

I wanted materials to be more then just a simple color to make it more realistic, so here they are:

Rig isn’t that pretty, this lamp has lots of awkward shapes so it was pretty hard to figure out how to make functionable rig, I played with it for quite a while and here’s how it looks:

Not perfect, but it does it’s job

Referebce Material:

Feedback will be appreciated!


Thats gorgeous! :grin:


You really put a lot into this one! Great detail with the joints, whether it was with the springs or screws, very realistic and amazing design! Keep up the great work!


I think this incredible! You pay attention to details and it shows in your work.

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Its an amazing detailed lamp. Very recognizable and real looking.
If you master some of the material, texturing, ligting techniques it can be very realistic.

Great job, a lot work.


Very good looking lamp. I like your attention to detail on this and can’t wait to see how it looks animated. You’ll have to make sure and include some good camera work to show off that detail!


Thank you everyone for your feedback!
I’m really glad you appreciate it :slight_smile:

Wow, absolutely beautiful! I remember seeing this one when I was looking for references, I really wanted to make it but it had a lot of detail for a beginner such as myself. It is truly astonishing, the detail, the colour, the material! Great job!

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Amazing btw!

This looks great. I’m really interested in the rigging as I’m struggling with mine at the moment. Did you use IK at all? This is the aspect I really can’t get to work. Ithink I can do it with regular FK, but IK eludes me.

bravo boss

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