Finish Your Mayan Pyramid: THE TEMPLE OF S'OO-Z'AHN




I like your camera position and lighting setup.
Nice project.

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I saw the difference in the lighting in Evee and Cycles and had to go play around to see if I could replicate the shadow in the background on my own project. I finally somewhat got it lol. I did have to add extra lights in Evee and watch a video on how the widgets for lighting work, but in the end it was close.


Thanks! I must have spent about 5 hours tweaking the lighting. In the end, I just went back to how I setup the lighting initially.

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What did you do?

I love the background shadow in cycles. In Evee it was difficult. I had to add an area light and then rotate it just under the edge of the hill I had and turn it up to I think it was like 1000. Then turn on screen reflections space reflections, ambient occlusion and bloom. The main light (In mine the Sun) had to be adjusted as well. Anyway it was a good lesson. I am glad I saw the difference in yours.

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