Finish Your Mayan Pyramid: Pyramid

Chitchen Itza.

I was not at all happy with the methods used in the tutorial!

The resulting geometry is difficult to work with, impossible to apply a subdivision surface modifier to and in no way represents the way the structure would have been created (or would be recreated) in real life.

In my experience adding loop cuts for every required detail is essential at this stage of development of an object and extruding faces at random places instantly restricts future modifications at almost every level!

That said, If the only use of the model in the tutorial is exactly as presented the methods are quick and fine but be aware that these are not good practices and changes later will be impossible.

I did follow the tutorial from start to end but then started again with better techniques which allowed me to add a subdivision surface modifier and choose any faces I wanted for windows doors and details. You will find that is not possible with the techniques described in the tutorial. The key problem being the use of the extrusion tool without ensuring that the underlying geometry had loop cuts correctly applied.

While I have been trying to only use the knowledge gained so far in the course, I also went ahead and added and HDRI sky and a plane for the sand using a subdivided grid with a few points moved using proportional editing!



Very cool shape👍

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So you missed out the sculptures at the foot of the left hand stair rails then? :rofl:

Seriously, a very nice pyramid and to real reference.

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I did consider doing the sculptures but laziness got the better of me! I have justified it by telling myself it is too far outside of the scope of the challenge in the lecture!
Many Thanks!

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This is beautiful, looks so polish. Love the colour palette and how smooth the edges are. I checked the other projects you made so far and I really like how you use the light. Looking forward to see more works from you.

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