Finish the CCUD 2D course by June 30th 2018


I’ve found my self restarting the “original” Complete C# Unity Developer course so many times by now that I stopped counting. So here’s my MVP.


To finish all the Lectures on the "Complete C# Unity Developer 2D" course by June 30th 2018. I will build a game for each of the sections of the course to showcase the concepts taught on each section. For example:

	○ Wake (my own state machine based on "Text 101 (original course)" lesson.
	○ AceyDucey (using what I learned from the Unity UI - Number Wizard U)I, I ported this from the classic book "Basic Computer Games - Microchip Edition by David H. Ahl.
	○ Puckt It! (Hockey game based on the lessons about Unity's 2D Physics Engine - Colliders) . I already gave the player and goalie.
	○ A "Defender" clone: (for the concepts introduced by "Laser Defender" - although scrolling will be tricky.
	○ And so on for each pending section.

The games will implement a basic mechanic build upon what each lesson teaches. I find it really important to come up with something "on my own" based on what the contents of each section.

And at the same time, I'll will publish my games on my website to showcase the course and the games I was able to build from participating on it. Coming up at the end with my very first Unity Portfolio.

My next major iteration / milestone ?
Finishing “Laser Defender” section.

There, I wrote it down!

Thank you Rick so much!!!

Best regards.