Finding the .sav file

For those of you who have no idea where to find the save file for your project, when you are in the user folder click “view” and click on hideable this will show you all of the hidden files which includes AppData. Then follow the rest of the links shown in the video and delete the file. I was so mad that it was that simple just literally hidden so here ya go guys hopefuly you find this before you spend an hour trying to find it.

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Thank you for the suggestion! It is annoying some of the things Windows hides from us “for our own good”.

Where are these files on a Mac?

All the paths uner Application.persistentDataPath are in the documentation:

Ya thank you for looking for that. I did find that as well and the file isn’t in either of those locations. Idk if there is a different file name or file location to look for. There isn’t anything with the unity. filename anywhere that I can find even when I do a search through the hard drive.

The file is called save.sav if you followed the course’s prescribed name, or whatever you specified in the SavingWrapper if you called it something else. It won’t be anything with ‘unity’ in it (unless that’s what you called it)

There’s some miscommunication here. I followed everything exactly. the file is called save. If the file extension is also .sav on a mac then the search can’t find it. It’s not in the Application Support or the Caches folders in the Library. I have hidden files on. And any search I do on the Mac doesn’t come up with anything. Do you have a Mac? Can you send a screenshot of a save file in your files? Or can someone that does have a Mac tell me where these files are stored so I can delete it?

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