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Hi everyone

I am in Africa and finding Unreal developer job seems impossible. I am also a web and desktop developer with very long experince (25+ years) but I also can not find any remote or relocation job.
I tried applying to thusands of jobs online over the past years but 80% never replay and the rest send me very diffecult test about solving copmplex problems in short time like 30 minutes !! so I never able to pass.

Any advise ?

I hear you, it sounds like a tough situation. Have you considered expanding your job search to include freelance platforms? Websites like Upwork or Freelancer might offer more opportunities, especially for someone with your extensive experience. Sometimes, smaller projects or short-term contracts can lead to more stable positions. Also, networking in professional groups or forums specific to Unreal development might open up some unexpected opportunities. Absolutely, making your profile stand out is key. Focus on highlighting your extensive experience and any unique skills or projects you’ve worked on. Tailor your profile to showcase specific skills relevant to Unreal development and web/desktop development. As for networking, actively participate in forums and webinars, and maybe even create content related to your field to showcase your expertise. Also, check out It’s a great resource for finding development opportunities and could be particularly useful for someone with your background. They connect experienced developers with companies looking for specific skill sets.

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Thanks friend alot.

Freelancing worked good for few years but now there are fake projects possible posted from other freelancers to get your proposal style and make you get furstrated from finding a job those bad freelancers also work for $2/h !! but in general no projects exists now with reasonable amount of money clients want to pay 25% or lower of the actual price so freelancing is dead.

I tried networking like in forums and linkedin but frankly they are all useless. I tried to apply in a job site but that site list how many people applied to the same job and for the suprise I found thosuands apply to same job !! one of them has 14K application lol

Thanks for unbench site I will try it and hope it unbench me :slight_smile:

tried unbench now I found that it is for companies only

Freelancing hit a rough patch with fake projects and lowball offers. Networking and job sites seem flooded. Exploring ‘unbench site’ for a change – fingers crossed! Any other tips on how to make money from home?

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Most jobs these days are switching back to a hybrid working model. Usually 2-3 days at the office by arrangement.

It’s a tough market out there. An old colleague of mine has been out of work for a year and is having zero luck. I myself work in industry rather than gaming full-time - I always have. It is financially reliable and the office is only asking if I can ideally come in 1 day a week which is fine by me as the staff are great.

It depends on what you’re looking for really. If it does have to be a WFH job, they are becoming increasingly rare as companies are now insisting on return to office at least some of the time. The only reason would be the contract is a strictly remote only position.

If it is game industry, ensure you have a github/gitlab and showreel. Make sure your linked-in is up to date and set to open to work but minimise ALL your other social media footprints. Make everything private where possible except linked-in and review anything you posted, shared or liked there that possibly put you in a bad light. Avoid any sort of public political views.

Linked-in. Make sure the people who you are associated with are actually people you know or have worked with.

I hope this helps.

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I hated linked in and I wont use it again, I can not even close my account there. HR use it to know and spy on other people opinions what they say so I stoped using it. The few interviews I got I was refused beause I did not solve complex problem in 30 minute or did not pass verbal test like I should be somekind of robot or I did not show much interest in the company I am applying to lol

Well, most jobs these days rely on services like Linked-In unless you can find a good recruiter or 10. All my interviews were via recruiters that found me on linked-in. I had a lot of interviews and most involve a technical aspect. This is normal now and you won’t get away with this. My issue with these tests are usually the fact they rely on academic problems which is fine for a graduate. Fortunately, the company I work for now relies more on behavioural interviews with a very good tech test that they permit the use of reference websites for details. That at the people who interviewed me are my team mates in our agile team so it was a great experience.

Your only choice if you don’t want to use linked-in is to find a recruiter. They will almost always be hiring for on-site jobs as opposed to remote work.

I think you got interviews because you already live in place that has many job vacancies like Europe or North America . But for me they refuse to sponsor a visa or trust me enough for remote work

Yes, that is true, but many (most in fact) of my colleagues are from outside of Europe and they have moved here. My manager is from South America. It is not impossible but you have to have the right skills.

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