Finally -- Lamp Rigged (Minus IK)

Nice. When I actually pay attention…I can get through this stuff. And, I’m even beginning to problem-solve for myself. Some of this stuff is actually sinking in, and I’m getting stoked to move on to IK and animation.


And a few materials and a spot light.

That’s amazing. Great work!

Thank you kindly @Teramon for your encouragement! Admittedly, I had to watch some lectures several times to get the rigging done correctly, which was a little bit embarrassing personally, as I’d see other students’ completed animation, and that made me wonder, “Am I dumb or something?” The instruction said to not strive for perfection, which I grasp was mentioned to help a student move forward undaunted; however, I suffer from the mental illness which is the pursuit of perfection (perfection does not exist; only the pursuit does). Anyhow, having to revisit some of the rigging lectures was quite beneficial, because I began learning how to troubleshoot my own work, as well as be able to fix bones that were misaligned to the pivot points.

Thanks again for the encouragement, fellow Blenderhead. Onward to the animation!

Inverse kinematics is simply the click of a button? Nice!

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