Finally i finished my character)

Just finished this course. All animations are from mixamo. It was great experience.

Wow this looks so good! Great job with the dynamic lightning!

Good Work

It’s a pity you didn’t use the animation tools in Blender. You learn things about the animation physics and motion.

I used it, and i have some animations that i’ve done by myself, but they are not so good like mixamo)


Great job! I really like the amount of detail you put on your orc’s skin, it looks so well. Congratulations!


Wonderful job! This looks really great. I love the details! Also, using Mixamo is a great idea. High quality mocap data made available in a few clicks for a character is by far the wisest workflow to getting a character in a game so you can focus on what matters - creating a beautiful character and bringing it to life. I’m not a supporter of the idea that everything has to be done yourself from scratch. Hardly any of the top artists do this, hence why they can produce such high quality art is such a short time.

This is so pleasing to see and congratuations!



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