Final Shrub



I think the ground looked nicer in Eevee and the plant looked nicer in Cycles, wasn’t expecting that lol.


Very cool, i love how you incorporated the background image.


A good basic plant though, in most uses you would have thousands in a scene. Cycles is a bit brighter, but I guess it is a desert.

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Thank you! I love using the HDRs for simple scenes like this.

That’s a good point, in an ideal scenario there would be so many that you hopefully wouldn’t notice the low detail.

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Are you using sub-surface?

yes, I tweaked the amount and color of the sub-surface between this and the final product but It was used in that render.

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Here’s your difference for Cycles and Eevee (they are not compatible).

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Thank you, I have to do a deep dive into sub-surface. It’s one of the only options in the shader editor that I routinely have a hard time getting to look right/ fully understanding.

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