Final sculpted Dragon

And done! Worked on this piece by piece over the course of a week or so, and I’m finally done!
I really enjoyed this course and the format it was made in. Rick and Grant worked very well together. I’m not sure how he did it, but there were several times where Rick managed to know exactly what I was thinking throughout the course and asked or commented on the exact thing I was thinking about at the moment. And Grant did a great job answering and demonstrating when needed, or delaying the answer till moments where it would be more obvious.
I was pleasantly surprised with how my sculpt turned out. I wasn’t expecting to be as happy with my dragon as I am when I started. Definitely still not perfect, and I 100% need to learn more about color and painting to fully get the kind of looks I want. But overall, I think it turned out quite well.
Thanks to Grant and Rick for putting this together! Looking forward to the next course!


Very nicely completed. Great rock for it to sit on as well.

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