Final scene

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Amazing atmosphere! But also mysterious, it’s difficult to recognize things or scale. Like adding a chair, person to see scale of things.

A very nice piece of work, well done.

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Thank you @FedPete, very nice of you. I might add some object so that the scale will be better visible.

If anyone wonder… symbols at the front window are moon phases.

Yes, I saw and understood this. That’s why is mysterious. I got the feeling of a temple (observatory), using the moon as a calendar.

About the scale: At the left and right of the scene you added a window or entrance. The scale feeling is that a person would be like that size. The second floor railing suggest something else. Maybe also because of the position (height) of the camera.

I know composition is difficult, I have problems with it also. It’s all about telling a story (feeling) in one frame …

Again, very nice work. Love to see more!

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I hope that will help with the scale…

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I love the composition and I don´t need some staffage figures for scaling. I like the combination of architecture and mystery.

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