Final scene

not finished yet but this is where im at so far


Love it! Great job!

Good Job! I think the skull faces should be facing opposite directions.

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Really cool.
I also agree that the one of the skulls in the drum could be flipped. Also it is easy to see where the wall texture starts and and (maybe use a seamless texture). The light bulbs in the roof gives it a nice touch.
Besides that, it’s a creative idea with nice props and good placement.
Keep updating us with your awesome work. =)

Nice job Simon, I owned the red one :smiley:

All it needs is more guitars :smile:

You know what you could do?
Make a random color material, apply to them and duplicate the existing guitars :smiley:

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Thanks for the input Peeps much appreciated. so now I have flipped the skull on the drum and removed the texture seam in the back wall also added some amps


thanks for the link I’ll check it out have put a couple of amps in, no more guitars as yet.

Good Job! Thanks for fixing the drums and wall. Much better and Perfection! :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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